Saturday, August 20, 2005


Happy Kadayawan Festival to all Davaoenos out there! I hope you enjoyed the week 'cos I know I did. Tomorrow's the last day of the long Kadayawan weekend (sob sob!). I hate for it to end so soon...

And to the Davaoenos who are physically away from our beloved city... I indeed wish you were here!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Taste of Heaven

Lachi's is my new discovery. It is a small homey shop where they sell cakes and pastries. It was my sister's recommendation which brought me to the shop one day and when I tried their sansrival, I fell inlove with it. Then I tried their lemon squares, apple pie and brownies. Again, I was impressed especially the apple pies (just to die for!).

Last night, Hubby and I went there for dinner (I recently heard from sis that they were already serving meals). We ordered their "unforgettable pork ribs", "Tinik-less Bangus" and for dessert I had apple pie and hubby had blueberry cheesecake. For a very affordable price, hubby and I were more than satisfied. The meal was indeed "unforgettable".

I wish that they would branch out to one of the malls. Their location is a bit far from the city proper. But nevertheless, even if they don't I will still go out of my way to buy my favorite goodies in that small homey shop in the corner of the city.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Milestones & Obstacles

Cheska... after two months since beginning of classes, she can now write the vowels, sing more songs (even the Pambansang Awit), recite nursery rhymes and most importantly she can say a prayer. Last night she showed me a drawing of me, her Daddy and Koojee and I was so proud and happy. The faces really looked funny but we all appreciated it like masterpiece. I wish I could post it here but she drew it in a very large paper which makes it real hard to scan.

Koojee... our family physician said that he may need a tongue surgery because his tongue is quite "inflexible" which makes it hard for him to pronounce better. He said that if we ignore the condition, this may cause inferiority complex which eventually will affect his behavior and performance in school. Well, everyone else is trying to make us feel optimistic about it. They say we can always seek for a second opinion. As a mother, my heart was crushed when I first heard about it. I was trying to imagine how I will be able to last through the whole operation if ever we decide to have him undergo it. How will I be able to stand watching him recuperate after the surgery? I was all negative. But as the days passed, hubby tried to lift my hopes up. Everytime Koojee utters words which are understandable, we almost always jump for joy. For the last months, he can only say two words at a time. Whenever he utters a whole sentence, it becomes incoherent. I can't help but compare, but Cheska during his age was already talking articulately even in paragraphs. Last night, he said "Excuse me daw Mommy!" and hubby and I were like, "He can talk in 4 words and it was all clearly said!" We were so ecstatic. We were both so optimistic that God will perform a miracle and Koojee won't have to undergo operation or any invasive procedure at all and still be able to talk well.

Every night I pray to God that He will bless my two angels. That He will bless Cheska with her school and bless Koojee so he will eventually do good in school. I pray that he will give both of them good health and mind, will protect them from accidents, and will make them good and beautiful people when they grow up.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Tell me why I Don't Like Mondays

My cousins, siblings and I used to sing this song when we were in highschool. Now I'm singing it again... every Monday that is. I hate going to back to work after a long great weekend. I hate the feeling I have everytime I drag myself to the shower every Monday morning.

Imagine how sweet life is during weekends: I can sleep late on Fridays and Saturdays; Wake up late on Saturday and Sunday mornings; Get to spend time with the kids at the mall or even just at home; I could clean my room, closet and bathroom and do my laundry; I could go to the grocery or go run some personal errands; Or I could just have a relaxing massage and pamper myself...

Now, I could definitely tell you why I don't like Mondays!
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