Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What is your favorite TV Commercial?

Right now, mine is the new musical commercial from Vaseline Shampoo. It is basically about a little girl's journey from her first day of pre-school to her prom night up to her highschool graduation as she is constantly being guided and strengthened by the love of her mother. I was particularly touched by the scene during graduation day. The little girl, who is now a grown lady, takes off her medal and puts it around her mother's neck as she closes her eyes and tears began roll down her face. Her mother was deeply touched and even cried with joy. What even made it moving was the background music sang by Nikki Gil. Here's the lyrics of the song that somehow makes me glow inside as I think of both my mom and my daughter.

happy, to let you know i love you so, its true. happy, that i have you you make me glow i want as bright as you chorus:i'll always thank you for the glow i thank you for the joy thank you for the love you give to me i'd always like glowing inside with your love shining through thank you for everything you do i'm glowing inside because of you remember, my growing years they're filled with joy because you're there for me you cast away my fears you wipe those tears you give me strength each day(repeat chorus) who knows for what tomorrow brings my glowing wings you make me fly i reach and i touch the sky because of you i'll soar up high so i am(repeat chorus 2x)

*I'm sure all the moms with daughters will be so touched... as well as daughters who somehow have taken their mothers for granted... this will truly make you tell her "Thank you Mom!"
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