Thursday, August 31, 2006

Goodbye August

"Ber" months are coming once again. I can't believe time flies that fast. It's time to post again. I made a promise that I should blog at least once a month and if I don't get lazy I might be able to reach my target of 100 posts.

Right now, I'm reading a good book "What No One Tells the Bride". I've really been enjoying it and wished that I read it even before I got married. Not that it will discourage me or affect my feelings about marriage. I just find it so amusing to hear the stories of 50 different married women regarding marriage. I also find the quotes very nice.

I've also been exercising lately. We have this friday night Badminton club. I play with my coworkers. It's funny because before and after we play we eat --- it's more of a weight-gain program for us. For me, I just want to enjoy it with my friends.

And what else have I been up to lately? My friends and I have this indulgence with Durian. Every single night we've been pigging out at Durian Paradise. I truly love Durian!
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