Sunday, July 17, 2005


Things I've long been wanting to do but lack the time to:

1. Haircut - now I've made my hair grow the exact length I want. But it seems unhealthy already. I really believe that hair needs to be trimmed at least every 2 months.

2. Hot Oil - my hair's so dry!

3. Facial - Geez, I don't remember the last time I've had this.

4. Pedicure- my feet look so... UNPRETTY.

5. Foot spa- again and again I promise this to my feet but always procrastinate... don't worry feet, you're gonna have it soon...

I don't mean to sound shallow here but hey, I work real hard... I do deserve to pamper myself once in a while right?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

My First PTA Meeting

I didn't realize I'd get to this part so soon. I had just attended my first PTA meeting this morning and the deeper meaning of being a parent really sank in. I'm a parent of a student! As the process of computing the grades of the pupils were explained in detail, I suddenly felt a surge of panic. So many what-if's crossed my cynical mind. What if my child failed a subject? What if my child doesn't do well in school? What if she does well in academic but behaves badly? Then I suddenly pinched and reminded myself that "Hey, this is preschool! although this is the foundation of education, there is so much time for my kid to adjust and improve... with the school's training and my guidance, I'm sure Cheska can do so well." As I also tell myself that I will never pressure my children in becoming honor students but will be supportive to whatever they can give and will encourage them to develop their talents and interests.

I wonder if my parents felt this way when I first entered school. As I can remember, I was so independent as a child. I studied on my own, I never cried when my parents left me at school and I even remember going home alone (with my house just a few blocks away) and at one time walked a considerable distance with only my two cousins who were also my classmates (I wonder if they still remember that). I wish Cheska inherited my "independence genes", then I wouldn't really have a hard time raising her.

Looking at every corner of my child's classroom, memories started flashing through my mind. I remembered how I started writing down my own name on a pad paper using a blue pentel pen. I remembered how I started learning how to read when I was in Prep. I recalled how my teacher taught me about God and how to pray. Preschool was indeed a fun part of my life... but then again so is gradeschool, and high school, and college...

I wish my children would enjoy school life as much as I did.
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