Monday, April 05, 2010

Holy Week 2010

We really didn't plan much for our Holy Week vacation this year --- especially since my mom convinced me (or should I say forced me) to undergo a beauty regimen which would require me to stay indoors for atleast one whole week. My face had been peeling off for almost a week now and I feel like an alien. I can't believe I let her talk me into this. I was never really a vain person and I was almost satisfied with my skin until my mom kept telling me that I should really undergo a peeling session. Well I have to admit, I am fast approaching my mid-30's and my skin isn't getting any better with age.

So pretty much the whole vacation my family and I stayed indoors. We didn't go the beach at all. Unlike last year when we had a big vacation in Baguio, we celebrated the holy week in a very simple but meaningful way.

April 1 (Maundy Thursday) - Visita Iglesia. We visited 7 churches namely: St. Joseph, Carmelite, Redemptorist, Assumption, Sta. Ana, Fatima and Sacred Heart (our very own parish). We have been doing this as a family for 2 years in a row now.

April 2 (Good Friday) - Just stayed home. Glee season 1 marathon.

April 3 (Black Saturday) - Watched "How to Train your Dragon" at NCCC Mall. Too bad we weren't able to catch it in 3D. Nevertheless I truly loved the movie. My kids kept on saying it was awesome!

April 4 ( Easter Sunday) - Heard Easter Mass at Sacred Heart. Lunch at Jollibee, SM and went grocery shopping after.

Holy Week is indeed my second favorite season of the year ( next to Christmas). Even though we don't celebrate it in a big way like having vacations out of town, I feel so spiritually blessed being with my family the whole time.

Happy Easter everyone!!!


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