Friday, October 21, 2005

Our Little Princess Turns 4

When I woke up last October 18, my mind made a recollection of what transpired four years back from that day. From the minute my water broke up to the time I first took a glimpse of my daughter's face, I tried to make a clear memory of everything. I always do that... reminisce the wonderful days of my life. Now, my little princess has turned 4. "How time flies!" I would always say.

She's really big now... and beautiful at that. She's also very smart, witty and really complicated. Sometimes I see myself in her. My Dad says I was less quarrelsome but other than that, she was my exact replica. We adore her in a lot of ways but there could be times when she acts like a brat (Sis often calls her "Bratinelli") . She may be really difficult at times but one thing holds true for me... I am so proud and blessed to have her as my daughter.

For her 4th birthday, we gave her a "Cinderella" party. She really waited long enough for the day, sometimes to the point of being impatient. She would even tell me "Why does Koojee's birthday come first? Next year, I should be first." And when the day finally came, she felt that she was really a princess. Her outfit even matched her birthday theme.... minus the glass slippers of course.

To my Little Princess Cheska, I wish you all the beautiful things in life that you ask for. I also wish you humility, honesty, obedience and all the goodness in your heart because physical beauty fades in time and what's essential is always found within. Happy birthday my dearest darling.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


This month will be my 12th blogging month. Whew, I've been around for a year! To all my blog friends, thank you for being around. Keep blogging!
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