Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Always Check the Label Before Taking your Meds

The title is very self explanatory. But I have to elaborate my bad experience which led me to blog about this topic. I was suffering from a severe cough ( I've had sleepless nights and my stomach hurts from coughing I could almost throw up) so I decided to go to the doctor. To cut to the chase, the doctor issued me a prescription for 2 medicines that I should take everyday. When I went to the drug store, the pharmacist or should I say saleslady gave me the meds and issued receipt. When I left the store, I failed to notice that the prescription was not included in the medicine package. So when I reached home and was about to take the meds, I looked for the instructions and it was not there. Darn, I have to go back to the pharmacy again!

So anyway, I was too tired and too sick to go back that instant. I assumed that the 2 meds were to be taken at least once a day so I took both of it. I'll just go back to the pharmacy later to check how many times I have to take the meds. When I looked at the package of the medicine, I got suspicious because of the name. I compared it to the receipt, it was different. So I was really forced to go back to the drugstore to get the prescription and find out if I was given the right medicine.

True to my suspicion, I was given the wrong meds. The saleslady said sorry over and over again and because I was endowed with a very forgiving heart, I accepted her apology. I told her that I already took one tablet and asked if it would affect my condition. She said no so I felt relieved, got the right meds this time and left the drugstore.

When I checked in the internet what the meds that I mistakenly took, it was Pritor, a treatment for hypertension. Could you imagine what could have happened to me if I just took the meds that was given to me without checking? I read somewhere that this actually happened to someone else but he was more unfortunate. Instead of being given a medicine for diabetes, he was given a sleeping tablet. So while he was driving to work, he dozed off and his car hit another car. He actually sued the popular drugstore ( which coincidentally was the same drugstore I got my meds)

I guess all I got from this experience is a very important lesson that's why I am imparting this to everyone I know. This advice could actually save a life. It could be my child's life or any of my loved ones. So always check the label and if you have the slightest suspicion that there had been a mistake, call your doctor immediately.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Great Food, Good Memories

Food/Resto Revivals:

Papa’s Pizza- brings me back to college memories. So glad it was revived as Paparazzi located at Avanceña St.

Honey Bear Chicken- If I’m not mistaken, my sophomore classmate used to own this restaurant. They were popular then because of their good chicken not to mention their radio jingle that still plays on my mind (Hubby could still sing it beginning to end). From their old location at Ilustre, they have just reopened at Ponciano St. Dined there twice and they still serve good food plus I like their place.

Molave- as far as my family is concerned, Molave is the pioneer and serves the best-tasting greaseless chicken in the history of Davao. When it closed few years ago, there had been at least 3 chicken houses that opened and served their recipe. I have not actually dined at their newly reopened restaurant at Jacinto St. I will sure take time to visit and relive good old memories.

Mc Do Twister Fries – my all-time favorite. I wish it will also be an all-time item in their menu!

Restos and food that I wish will be back in the market:

Mother Baker- the best pastries and cakes. Loved their pasta dishes and sizzling steaks, too.

Tower of Pizza- favorite college hang-out, great pizza!

Munchees by Jack n Jill- that squarish orange cheesy junk food to die for.

Barbecue Curls by Jack n Jill- my favorite junk food back in elementary.

Squid rings – during highschool, this used to be our favorite recess food paired with coke or fruity slush.

Mc Do frozen coke- Dear Mc Donalds Management, Pls. bring this item back in your menu. Pleeeeeeeeeeease?
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