Friday, September 05, 2008

Doctor Mom

Just this week my kids got sick due to Upper Respiratory Tract infection. They were absent from school for 3 days. It is probably the worst cough Cheska got ---she was literally barking like a dog every 3 minutes even when sleeping (we've had 2 sleepless nights) and just listening to her makes me pray that I am going through her ordeal instead of the poor little girl. Ethan on the other hand had on and off fever, even reached the highest at 40 degrees. This is the worst part of being a mother, seeing your children suffer in sickness.

Through the years I've had with my kids, I thought that I've seen it all but as time comes I realize that I'm still in for more. For Ethan, we've been in and out the ER many times due to: infected wound (his swollen toe turned violet and he was crying all night), allergy to meds (the price for not consulting a doctor before giving meds), greenpeas got stuck in his nose, pellet stuck in his ear and the latest was abdominal pain. For Cheska she was only hospitalized once due to asthma when she was 3 months old but later on she was also diagnosed with primary complex and pneumonia. The doctor said she has weak lungs but when she turns 7 her lungs may grow stronger and more resistant to diseases. True enough this year, this is her first cough illness. I do hope things will get better after this episode.

Few tips to new mothers and soon-to-be's. Always keep on handy:

1. paracetamol- tempra forte for fever 37.8- 38.9 and opigesic (suppository paracetamol) for fever over 39 degrees -- super effective.

2. neozep/ disudrin (for colds/ stuffy nose)

3. Kool fever (gel badge you put on the child's forehead to reduce fever)

4. Vicks (has a relieving effect especially when they have colds, i use it when i massage their back, front, neck part, hands and foot)

5. Thermometer

6. Betadine and band-aids

7. celestamine (for allergies, also works for coughs)

8. Sinecod Anti-tussive ( Dr. Deedee emphasized that this is to stop cough but not to treat cough) --- i only give this at night time so the child could sleep undisturbed

9. Mefenamic Acid (pain reliever)

10. Off-lotion

If you have kids, it's really important to keep a medicine cabinet or a first-aid kit. I always make sure to stock meds because I really hate rushing to the pharmacy especially during night time emergencies. I've always wanted to master the art of motherhood --- to shield my kids from any kind of sickness and accidents, though it really is hard especially being a working mom and all. So the best I could do is always be prepared for the worst. Even if it means budgetting a little more on meds. After all, it always pays to be ready and you can never gamble on your kids' health.
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