Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Stuff

They say that you can tell a woman's personality by looking inside her closet... or her purse. So, wadyathink? Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Meet my Siblings

This is the photo cousin xiemen was talking about when she said that my daughter looks like me when I was her age. That's me at the right. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Robots Movie Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Let's go to the Movies

Last night we watched "Robots" at the cinema with our two kids. It was the first movie Koojee saw in big screen while the second one for Cheska (Sharktale was her first). Well, we had fun. I feared that they won't be able to last one and a half hour inside the theater but thank goodness, we made it. We lasted the whole show. Hubby and I enjoyed the movie. The kids had fun jumping from one seat to another and running back and forth the aisle. They also loved the popcorn. Well, they watched for the first quarter of the movie but spent the rest of the time playing. At least it was a fun experience for all of us.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Right now I'm listening to old songs in my mp3. I mean old because it probably hit the charts years before I was born, probably in the sixties or early seventies. Probably the music my Dad and Mom were into to while they were young and dating. But anyway, I just felt like listening to them because old as they are, I consider them timeless classics.

Cherish (The Association, Pretty in Pink OST) ~ God Only Knows (Beachboys, Love Actually OST)~ Kokomo (Beachboys) ~ Wouldn't it be Nice (Beachboys, 50 first dates OST) ~ More Today than Yesterday (Spiral Staircase, My Girl OST), Silly Love Songs (Paul Mc Cartney & Wings)

I love old songs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Just an Update

Today is Araw ng Dabaw (Davao Day). It's a holiday so no work (yippeee!). Activities for the day: 1) stayed late in bed 2) ate a good breakfast 3) did my laundry ) finished watching 2 dvd's, Taxi and Wimbledon (both were good) 5) had pizza for merienda and 5) went shopping at Makro with my parents, sis and kids. Great day!

Latest movie watched in the theatre: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I loved it. It was worth my money and time. Latest splurge: bought doll shoes, slip-on rubber shoes, white purse and white beachbag.

It's officially summertime (or is it?). So excited to go the beach! Let's see, what else do i need to buy? A cute two-piece swimsuit!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I think that I'm suffering from a condition that's so common yet still so hard to name because up to now I'm still not sure if it is really considered an illness. I feel that I've been suffering from short term memory loss after giving birth to my kids. Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly like Dory of "Finding Nemo" or the girl in "The Notebook" or not even Lucy of "50 First Dates". It's like this: I easily forget things which happened even seconds after. I forget if I already shampooed my hair even while still in the shower. I forget things which were mentioned whenever I'm in a conversation with a friend and I tend to ask the question over and over again because I have already forgotten the answer (this is really irritating, i know). The worst scene is forgetting important things my boss asked me to do--- hazardous to my career!

I've heard before that maybe it's due to epidural which was administered during my 2 deliveries. This actually causes memory problems. Some also say that it's just an excuse. Maybe I should just resign to calling it unbelievable forgetfulness. It's so hard though because I used to have a real good memory or I wouldn't have passed my course in college which actually required good memory (I used to memorize all the human bones, muscles, nerves and whatnot for goodness' sake!).

It's good though that I still have a good long term memory. It's easier to remember things which happened a decade ago than things which happened just a few moments back!

Right now, I've been heavily depending on my (1) Task Manager and (2) my ever reliable cellphone- which has an organizer and alarm clock where I can easily enter all my reminders (really convenient!). Because after all, I have to do something about it or I'll end up losing a good job and even friends... or even worse things than that! Help, anyone?

Monday, March 07, 2005


Ever since my kids came into my life, I feel like I'm in some kind of an adventure movie --like a never-ending rollercoaster ride. I couldn't recall how many times we came in and out the emergency room of the hospital may it be due to accidents or severe illnesses. I can't even count the times any of my kids fell or sustained wounds or bruises. What I'm gonna write next is just tip of the iceberg because believe me, I've had worse.

Last night was one of my most terrifying nights as a mother. Hubby and I stayed home with the kids after an exhausting family day at the mall. I was infront of the computer busy surfing the net. The kids were just watching dvd when my sister handed a pack of green peas to my little boy. At first he tried to catch my attention by throwing the peas everywhere. Since I was so busy I just scolded him a little and continued doing my thing. Few seconds after, I heard gasping sounds from my boy. It was like he was trying to catch his breath. I sensed that there was something wrong so I ran over to him and I realized that he just stuck a pea in his nose. He was starting to cry so I tried to get the pea out by trying to push it down but his nose bled instead. I panicked. All I could remember is that I ran to Hubby and he was so mad at me for letting it happen. We had to rush my boy to the hospital.

It was one of those days that I have to name doctors as one of my heroes. The pea was successfully removed from his nose in no time by the attending physician (who happens to be my friend - thank goodness) . But the trauma for the poor boy will probably be in him for a long time. And despite the terror and panic I felt that time, I still thanked God for the incident. I was relieved that the accident happened while Hubby and I were around, I can't imagine what could have happened if the whole thing occured when we were away or at work. On top of everything, I thanked God that the accident was nothing serious or life-threatening and we were able to get through it. I still found it in my heart to see the brighter side of whole experience.

Raising children is indeed one of the toughest jobs a person could handle. It comes with so many hardships and ordeals. I don't know any real mothers who took everything in a breeze. But one thing holds true for motherhood: the good things about it can definitely outweigh the bad ones.

Friday, March 04, 2005

little paradise

getting enough sleep. waking up and remembering a beautiful dream. warm shower on a chilly morning. cold baths or dip in the pool on a humid day. watching my babies sleeping peacefully. using a fresh new towel. cheska saying something funny. koojee doing something hilarious. getting nice and funny emails. receiving flowers and gifts from hubby. buying something stylish yet comfortable and affordable. completing my to-do-list. cleaning my bathroom. fixing my closet. buying baby stuff. discovering interesting stuff in the net. finding old friends thru the net. friendster alerts. chatting with bestfriend. warm conversation with hubby. going to the grocery. window shopping. excitement on my kids' faces on a new discovery. eating out. the beach. the mall. watching a feel good movie. listening to my favorite song on the radio. pastel colors. Chilled M&M's and Crunch. a hearty meal. midnight snacks. payday. holidays. boss' approval. task completion at work. comfy outfits. nice scent. good hair day. feeling fresh and clean. receiving sincere compliments. reminiscing happy moments. looking at old photos. planning the future. saying a heartfelt prayer. counting my blessings. cuddling with my darlings under the comforter on a cold night. my kids achieving a new developmental milestone. new ideas for my blog ÜÜÜ
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