Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Koreanovela Episode

So I haven't posted in such a long time. But I truly assure you that this post will definitely make up for the gap. Brace yourself because this is one long adventure---but it sure is hard to believe that it only happened over the last 24 hours. I even told myself last night, this is truly what I get from watching too much tragic koreanovelas --- a koreanovelish episode actually happened to me overnight. So here it goes...

Last night as I was watching over Youtube the final episode of "Autumn in My Heart", Koojee was tugging my shirt from my side telling me that his tummy hurts. So I had to cut my koreanovela again to attend to him. I suspected that he must've swallowed all the bubble gum he was chewing that afternoon thus the stomach ache. I was massaging his tummy until the pain would go away then I went back to watching again. The episode was truly so heartbreaking and I just got so emotional and tearful and I was truly glad I managed to finish the whole thing even with Koojee's constant complaining. I wasn't alarmed at first because I thought that it's just one of his dramas. I finally got shook up when I could actually see that he was cringing with pain. A surge of panic ran over me when I thought "What if I really needed to bring him to the hospital?" Hubby is out of town and I felt so helpless without him. But I knew I had to be strong for my son. So I tried to pacify the little boy by trying to massage away the pain. At around 10pm, 5 hours after he first complained, I decided to rush him to the hospital.

It was taking forever for the taxi to pass by our house so I decided to take the tricycle. So now you could probably imagine that this is one of the koreanovelish parts of the story. I was carrying Koojee in my arms as we were riding the tricycle heading to the hospital. As cold night winds rushed on my face, a koreanovelish background music was actually playing in my mind as if I were actually in a drama film.

So we were in the admitting section. To make the matters even worse, a very toxic attendant grouchily took our case. Even told me annoyingly " Ma'am could you please fill up the form, we've been waiting long enough we need to encode the details". The nerve, she didn't even instruct me to fill out the forms, she just put the paper there without telling me what to do. She didnt even consider that I was the only watcher of my kid and I was still carrying him in my arms --- how hard that was for me at that time to write on the paper. But I did anyway, I did not plan to be a toxic patient that night.

So after I filled out the forms, she gave me a slip. The slip states that I need to pay P3,000 cash before they would admit my child. I suddenly remembered that I only had five hundred bucks in my wallet so the only way I could pay is for me to withdraw from ATM. I called my mom, I was actually in tears now. But my mom could not do anything because she's out of town. She kept on telling me to call my in-laws but I was hesitant to call at that time of the night. How in this world could I find an ATM with my child in my arms at that time? So I spoke to Koojee, I asked him if he's okay and if it's alright if we just go home instead. That time, he wasn't complaining anymore so I thought that probably the stomach thing is over. So I got up and told the attendant that I had to find an ATM first because I don't have cash. I saw panic on her face. She knew that I was going to go home because she heard me talking to Koojee. She immediately told me that the patient was already encoded in their system so we can't leave and that they'll just have to take us in even without cash deposit. WTF???Do i really need to pull that drama so they would take us in? Their system really sucked. But that's only the beginning, you'll hear more at the end of the story.

So we were finally inside our room. Koojee was sleeping soundly now. He probably got so tired of crying the whole night that he didn't even budge when they took his blood for cbc. I almost fell asleep when a thought suddenly struck me. I was hastily packing our things back home that I forgot to bring Koojee's milk and feeding bottle. "Oh no!" I silently prayed that Koojee would just doze off until morning so I didn't need to go back home and get it. Aside from the fact that I also forgot the key to the house, even if I knocked or rang the bell I know the nannies would never wake up to open up. Plus there's the fact that I was the only watcher, I wasn't so sure Koojee would be okay if I left him with a total stranger, the nurse.

You probably know by now what's next to the series of my misfortunes. At 2am, Koojee woke up and asked for his milk. It's a good thing that he was in a very cooperative mood. He was okay when I left him with the nurse. I went to a convenience store nearby but unfortunately they weren't selling Koojee's milk and feeding bottle. So I decided to go home. As I was riding the taxi I was calling home to see if anyone would pick up. No one did. So finally I was outside the house. I told the driver to wait up as I was trying to unlock the gate from the outside. After so many tries, my arm actually ached, the taxi driver even offered to help after hearing my sad story, we still could not get the gate open. So I decided to go to the nearest 24-hour drugstore. At last, I found and bought the milk plus the feeding bottle and water. Thank goodness!

Finally morning came, the doctor did his rounds and told us that it was probably just colic or constipation and since the stomach pain did not recur we could actually be discharged. My heart leaped with joy! I was so thankful that everything is all over. I spoke too soon.

As I was trying to settle the bill, the billing section told me that I need to submit my Philhealth papers before they would process. I actually did not think that they would credit the insurance since we did not reach the 24 hours minimum hospitalization. But anyway, I still complied. I went back to our room for the papers but I realized that I did not have the birth certificate which is one of the requirements. So I went to the counter and got a priority number, my number was 18 and they were still on 10. I quickly decided to go back home to get the birth certificate and probably I could still make it. So I did. When I went back, they were serving 17. But then I realized I still lacked a copy to my ID so again I ran to the photocopier. I was really sweating this time. I was just in time when I got back. I was praying so hard then that nothing could go wrong with my papers. And well, something did go wrong. Our surname in the system was incorrectly spelled. The crabby attendant at the ER probably did it on purpose! I was freaking out deep inside this time but I knew I had to be composed. So I went to the admitting section to have it corrected and went back. To cut to the chase, everything was okay now with the insurance so I went back to billing section. And finally (drumroll please) I couldn't believe my luck, the girl told me that she's sorry she could not credit the insurance because, aside from the fact we weren't given meds, as I originally thought, we did not reach 24-hours minimum. I could actually see myself screaming at her face. She is so lucky that the civilized, patient and sensible part of me still prevailed. Without a word, I took the statement stormed off and went to cashier to pay my dues. The only consolation I got was they let me pay with my credit card or else I had to go to the ATM which is another hassle to the story. The rest is actually history. I finally surpassed a crisis in my life and I'm glad that I'm at home now and facing my computer recounting everything that just transpired.

Thinking about it now, I really wasn't kidding when I said earlier that a Koreanovela OST was actually playing in the background during the whole duration of that "episode" in my life. For this part, I actually told myself something really good must be in store for me which is why I'm being punished this much. Or worse, what have I done to deserve this?

I'd like to think as I have always believed, that I am just riding through a lower loop of the rollercoaster of my life. Not long enough I will be able to soar on top. I just know it. As much as I don't ever want this to happen in my life again, I still believe that experiences like this keeps me healthy and strong deep within. The optimistic part of me still keeps on believing: There's always a rainbow at the end of the storm.

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