Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today, I married the most wonderful man in my life. We're still together and will vow to stay together for the rest of our lives, until we're both old and gray. We're still playing beautiful music together and enjoying every single second of our married life.

For our 4th anniversary, we celebrated in a simple but very special way. We just dined out to our favorite steak house. No fancy gifts. No big surprises. But the thought of being together through all the storms and sunshines in our lives made the celebration a happy and memorable one.

To my dearest Hubby, thank you for the four wonderful years. I would not want to have it any other way and I could not imagine life without you. I'll never cease thanking God for the blessing you are to me. Je t' aime!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cheska and Koojee Update

Cheska... she was recently enrolled in the nursery level at a school nearby. Aside from being so talkative, she loves to dance, sing and make herself up. She loves to imitate my mom, my sister and me! She always wants to look her best especially when going out to the mall or restaurant. She can even distinguish her pambahay (house clothes) and pang-alis (going out clothes) and is very strict about it. The little rascal is such a nagger, too. Nope, she definitely didn't get it from me, I think she took after my mom (hehe). Her recent favorite movie is Annie. She watches it all the time and loves singing "Tomorrow".

Koojee... at 2 and a half, he is currently being toilet-trained. He is such a couch potato and loves winnie-the-pooh series the most. He is a very active child and sometimes so hard to contain. He loves to run and jump around and loves to play with many things even to the point of destruction. He's actually banned from my parents' and brother's rooms because of the things he wrecked. But despite of his notoriety, Koojee is a well child in terms of his height and weight and belongs to the higher percentile. He has a big appetite and loves to eat fried chicken, bananas, lansones and almost anything offered to him. This kid, naughty as he could get, is very much adored by me. Everytime he kisses and hugs me, my heart just melt which is why I easily forgive him. He's a Dennis the Menace in the making.

My two kids are growing up fast! Everytime I look at them I feel happy and proud. Life's greatest treasures, that's what they are to me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Look who's back!

I'm finally back to the blog world. Well, I actually wasn't gone per se because I have been visiting my blogpage as well as others' pages on an occasional basis. I just didn't have time to write something that makes perfect sense and is good enough to be posted.

After my long vacation from blogging, I don't know where I will pick up from. Well, okay I should probably blog about my trip to Manila.

It had been my biggest vacation since I don't know when. My last trip to the big city was 1997 and I could see so many changes already. But well, there's still the heavy traffic, dark grayish sky ( i may be exaggerating a bit here but hey Manila's really polluted I tell you) and my oh my the heat --- can't stand it! It's a good thing we were checked in a very posh hotel and the airconditioning was good so I didn't have to deal much with the temperature outside.

Maybe I failed to mention earlier but my trip wasn't all vacation because I was actually sent there by my company for a benchmarking trip to two major facilities in Laguna. So, it was still part of work.

But nevertheless, it was a pleasure trip for me. Not only did I find the benchmarking trip educational at the same time entertaining, I also got a chance to meet up with my long lost friend way back from sophomore high school (that's 14 years ago!). Now, I don't have to elaborate my adventures and misadventures with my friend because it would probably make this post a novel. All I could say is that, it was truly an experience to remember.

Now that I'm back, even if I'm telling everyone how great my trip was, I could still honestly say to myself "There's no place like home".
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