Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Hearts!!!

Last year Hubby was in another place so we weren't able to celebrate Valentines Day together. So we made a vow to celebrate this year. We had a double dinner date with office pals Carl and Carla at Claude's French Restaurant. We arrived 30 mins. late due to heavy traffic but luckily we still got our table. We had a sumptuous steak meal and a glass of wine. After that, we had coffee at Jack's ridge. We were just talking the night away I didn't realize it was 11:30 and we were supposed to go home at 10:30. So far it was one of the nicest Valentines Day I experienced. So simple yet happy and contented.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Prayer of a Mother and Wife

My friend gave me this booklet entitled Prayer of a Mother and Wife. Everytime I read it, I feel that even if I did not write it myself, it truly comes from my heart. Here's what it says:

Compassionate and loving God, thank you for giving me the opportunity and the challenge of being a mother. I know that this is not an easy task --- to rear children and build a home. Please help me when life seems too difficult, when I lose my patience, understanding and generosity toward my husband and my children.
Grant me the spirit of love, peace and joy so that when I'm doing my daily routine, though heavy they may be, these virtues may give me the strength to lighten my day. Help me to be always cheerful and serene so that my children and husband may look forward to coming home again after school and after the day's work.
Dear God, my constant prayer is my concern for my children, that they may become successful in life, able to serve their countrymen and women, but more importantly that they may grow up to be Your faithful children. AMEN.

I'd like to share this prayer with my fellow mothers and wives. You might want to share it with those you know, too.
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