Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year End Reflection

The year 2007 had been a generally a good year. As a family we had been very blessed. I could say that this year has not been the most financially abundant year but we were able to pull through. I am also happy to say that our family had been blessed with good health.

The main highlights for the year:

Family Outings:
  • Eden Nature Park with Sumifriends
  • Malagos Garden and Phil. Eagle with Cousins
  • Holy Week vacation at Lupon
  • Overnight stays at Marco Polo (Koojee and Cheska's birthdays)
  • All Saints/ Souls Weekend at Lupon
  • Kids' fieldtrip to Crocodile Park and Malagos Garden
  • Banana Congress 2007
  • Christmas Parties
Major Purchases:
  • Honda City Car
  • Laptop
Lowest Points:
  • Death of Auntie Mal
  • Resignation Crisis

As I take a step to a brand new year, I am faced with a question "What are my resolutions for 2008?" I have 3 big answers: 1. Be a better parent and wife 2. Save and spend wisely and lastly 3. Strengthen relationship with God.
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