Monday, February 28, 2005

Miles Away

God, I miss my kids already. My mom took them to our hometown this morning. It's two hours away from here. I could still freshly remember my baby boy's face when they left. He was teary-eyed. I knew that he was gonna miss me the most. It breaks my heart but it's good that once in a while they'll be exposed to the world other than our house.

They're probably going to the beach tomorrow. I wish I could go with them but work won't allow me. Darn. But then again, there's a positive side to this. I could go home late (go shopping or catch a movie) without worrying about the kids waiting for me. And when I get home, I could do a lot of stuff which I can't normally do when the kids are around. I could fix the room and make it stay clean overnight, arrange my closet, and I could even put old photos into albums --- something I've long been wanting to do. I could watch the dvd's I just bought without kids begging me if they could watch cartoons instead. I could take a long shower without the kids knocking on the bathroom door trying to get me out. I could do most anything.

It will just be like when I was single. When I would come home to an empty house, eat dinner alone, watch tv and just fall asleep with the tv on. And that was just five years ago. So many things have changed. I know I could never go back to that kind of lifestyle. I am completely happy of where I am right now. Maybe this is why it's so hard to go home to an empty house. These will probably be the longest days and nights of my life.

Even if I try to make myself busy and even if Hubby is there to cheer me up, I'll still miss my kids. I'll even miss their yelling, shouting and even their jumping up and down the bed. I'll probably miss sleeping beside them and constantly waking up to check if they're okay. I'LL MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM.

Tonight, while I cry myself to sleep I will whisper to Him: Dear God, take good care of my little darlings who are so far away. You will be their light and strength without me. Bring them back safely. Make the days go by fast so they will be back in my arms again.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


On the morning of Valentines Day, I received a beautifully-arranged basket of red roses from my dearest hubby. It wasn't a surprise since I knew days before that he ordered it, but the feeling of excitement was there. It was my 3rd basket of flowers from him. The first one was given to me when we were still sweethearts and the second one during my 27th birthday. I just love receiving flowers. It makes me feel loved. And what did I give him? I gave him a pair of walking shorts --- unromantic I know, but it's just like me to give practical gifts. I'm glad Hubby loved it.

Around 6pm, hubby and I rushed out of our office to beat the Valentines traffic. We had an early dinner at our favorite restobar. Then we went shopping for toys --- our "valentines gift" for our little darlings. When we came home around 9, the kids were already waiting in the garage. They both jumped for joy upon seeing us. Cheska and Koojee were so ecstatic when they opened our gifts. I wish that we will always be like this.

To my Hubby...Thank you. You made my Valentines Day very special!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cheska's First Visit to the Dentist

Days before Cheska's dental appointment I have been constantly telling her about the visit. She would say "Dentist? Just like the one I saw in Elmo's world?" She would beam with excitement. It was such a relief that she wasn't scared of the idea. I know I was so scared with dentist visits when I was a child.

The big day finally came. The dentist is one of my high school classmates so I was at ease at the idea. The clinic was really a nice one. It was a 2-storey building. At the reception area was a small corner for play area. It was filled with toys and fun stuff so Cheska had fun playing while I was filling out her data form. Then we went upstairs for the check-up. She was made to sit down at the dental chair. She was awkward at first, but when the dentist talked to her and explained the procedure, she felt at ease. She met Mr. Toothie, the baby mirror and the baby spoon. The dentist checked her teeth while her assistant recorded all her observations and findings. It was fun for Cheska especially after her check up when the dentist made her choose her toy reward. She chose a bubble maker.

Afterwards, the dentist lead us to her office where we had a one-on-one talk. She explained to me how important baby teeth are even if they were meant to fall off. She also talked about how to maintain a child's teeth and gave tips on preventing tooth decay.

It was a very enriching experience for me and my little girl. I was happy to have brought her there because I myself learned a lot through the experience. I truly had fun.
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