Friday, October 29, 2004

Summer 2004 Posted by Hello

Meet My Family

Hubby and I got married 3 years ago. We met a year before our marriage, fell in love at a drop of a hat, dated for several months and finally tied the knot. Our lives were changed... forever.

Shortly after, I gave birth to my precious daughter Cheska. We named her after my dad and hubby’s mom. Carrying her in my womb for 9 months was not a bed of roses. I suffered from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, got hospitalized thrice due to dehydration, hypersalivated, and felt like I wasn’t a normal human being. But despite the hardships during pregnancy and even on labor (18 hours due to 2 cord coils around her neck), Cheska emerged into the world a healthy and beautiful baby girl.

The fairy tale didn’t end there. Three months after Cheska’s birth, we discovered that our wonderful gift didn’t come in a single package. We had another surprise on the way. Few months passed, my baby boy Koojee came. Motherhood became more challenging, more meaningful and so much more fulfilling.

Now I could proudly tell the world “I’M A COMPLETE WOMAN.”

Thursday, October 28, 2004

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My Intro

I came across the blog world through my cousin's blog page. I simply adored it and checked it out practically every single day. The blog was about her daughter. As you can see, I love babies! I've been adoring babies since i was 5 ---when my cousin Ritche was born . I used to pretend that he was my own. When I had my own kids, Cheska and Koojee, I was ecstatic. I know that motherhood didn't come with a book of instructions but I sure managed my way through it (with the help of my hubby, of course). The struggle's not over yet --- Cheska's 3 and Koojee's 2 --- they're both cute and lovable but well, they too have their own tantrums and "handling difficulties".

This blog or should i say "my blog" is simply about myself--- my thoughts, my reflections, my opinions, and of course about my life with my 2 little darlings and my dearest husband. It's gonna be my own journal. It's gonna be a piece of me.
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