Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kdrama Update

I'm sorry if I'm boring you with my posts about Korean Dramas --- this is the 3rd one by the way. I just can't help it, it's what keeps me busy nowadays aside from loads of work at the office and my 2 little rascals. I remember one of my friends asking me "What keeps you from being idle when Hubby's at North Cotabato?" (Hubby had been unfortunately transferred to that area for work, by the way, so he's there on weekdays). I blurted out right away "Koreanovelas" without even pausing to think. I'm so thankful I discovered watching it on youtube or I don't know how I'll be able to stand the lonely nights --- I'll probably be spending my time at home cursing Hubby's boss for sending him off to that faraway place. So by now you'll probably understand why I'm devoting 3 of my posts to Kdramas. I can't promise though that this will be the last.

Right now, I'm watching "Stairway to Heaven". I just finished episode 2 and I think I like it already. The irony of it all is that as I keep watching I keep on complaining why the bida lets the contrabida treat her that way --- you know, like you have this great urge to enter the scene and pull the contrabida's hair and slap her left and right. That's exactly how I feel while I watch this drama. And yet I still watch and watch... Reminds me of the Annaliza and Flordeluna days ... and yes I was already born on that era but I was only in grade school by the way.

You know as I watch Kdramas it makes me learn more about Korean culture. Like I discovered that it's a custom for the mother and daughter to take a bath together --- even if the daughter is in her adolescent stage already! I saw these scenes in both Autumn and Stairway ---now, isn't that a little awkward here in Pinas? Another thing is that I noticed that during birthdays, they always serve seaweed soup (I wonder how that tastes?) --- I think it's like lechon for us. And one thing I noticed about these novelas, they always have childhood flashbacks and the girls always fall inlove with whom they call "Oppa" or "Big Brother". Could you ever imagine calling your boyfriend "Kuya"? But anyway, all of these observations really seem queer to us Pinoys but I guess Korean directors really have a way in making their stories interesting which what makes us so addicted to their films. I truly commend them for that

Yesterday, I went to the video store to check out if I could purchase another Koreanovela second to Spring Waltz (coz I watched Autumn in my heart on youtube) there were so many interesting korean dvd's so I decided that I'll probably just watch everything in the internet. That will help save me money plus I wont go to the trouble of choosing which dvd to buy.

To my blogging friends, you could drop a note if you want recommend a Kdrama. I would truly appreciate it. It would truly cheer me up during hubby-less nights.
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