Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking at the Bright Side

The Dark side:

Water interruption in our area which went on schedule from 10PM Saturday night and lasted until 5PM Sunday afternoon. We were actually forced to take a bath using rain water since I forgot to stock water in my bathroom despite all the advisories and text messages from friends. And added insult to injury, at around 3PM Sunday afternoon, after going to SM we went home to a brown-out.

Story behind the brown out:

At around 11 Sunday morning, we headed to church. We were actually late for a couple of minutes. Just a few minutes after we settled, a loud explosion rocked the area. The alarms of cars parked outside went off. The mass celebration was suspended for a few minutes. I actually fearing that the explosion may have happened just where we parked. Everyone inside the church was horrified. A few minutes after, the mass went on when it was found out that it was just the electric transformer that went overload. So I was quite relieved. Honestly, i really thought it was a bomb. And because of the said explosion, the whole area covered by that electric post had a brown-out.

No Water, No Electricity ---what could be worse? At around 4PM, my mother was texting me to check in a hotel or inn. We knew for sure the kids are not going to be able to sleep at night without aircon or electric fan. I was almost tempted to do that, only I had my Lola to worry about. I just can't leave her alone especially since my helpers went out on that Sunday.

Early evening, I heard people outside saying that the electricians only started fixing the post at 5PM so it means that we won't have electricity until 10PM! What a curse!

And now, the bright sides to the story:

I was able to enjoy a candlelit dinner with Hubby and my 2 kids. Usually if we eat at home, the kids would be eating on another table infront of the TV watching cartoons, while hubby and I eat in the bigger dining table. Last night was a great family dinner indeed. We were eating in one table--- just as we should. I would have to wait for another brown out for that to happen again!

The kids were able to play outside with other kids. No television and no computer. They were able to enjoy the things I enjoyed as a kid. Playing street games... patintero, in-out, bahay-bahayan, baligya-baligya... and whatnot.

We went out for a drive at around 8PM. After I withdrew money from the ATM, Hubby suggested that we eat durian at Magsaysay. It's been awhile since I've been craving for durian. Last night, we finally got a chance to eat one of the yummiest native durians ever. My kids really enjoyed it!

At 10PM, after I fan the kids to sleep ( I haven't exercised my arm muscles in a long time), the electricity came back. Boy, was I just the most thankful person in the world.

With this trying experience, I heartily thank the Lord for electricity and water. I would have never really appreciate them this much until last night! And looking at the bright side of it, Thank God for brown-outs and water-interruption... it drew my family a lot closer and made me realize we can do more with less.
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