Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

This new year poses lots of promises for me and my family. It's gonna be a year when my two kids can go to school together. It is also the year when hubby and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I don't know if I should set my new year's resolution tonight as I always do on a new year's eve. I really have not much in mind except to promise that I will be punctual at work. This is only because starting January, our work imposes a stricter timekeeping rule which is why I don't have much of a choice anyhow.

I always get sad when the holidays are over. I'm even sad as early as now. Well, looking at the bright side, there is a whole new set of things to look forward to after the holidays. There's hubby's birthday on the 7th of January, Valentine's Day on February, Holy Week on April, wedding anniversary on May, my 30th bday in June (do i really look forward to that???) and as I said earlier, my two kids going to the same school.

Dear God, thank you for the 12 wonderful months of 2005. I will truly cherish every single moment of it because I know that every single second is a gift from you. Thank you for togetherness of my family, material and spiritual blessings, good health, peace of mind and inner strength and happiness. I pray that you will bless 2006 and many more years to come. May all of the years of my life be filled with your grace.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

An Enchanting Christmas

I thought it was gonna be one lonely Christmas. Even at the beginning of December, I didn't feel the usual Christmassy feeling in the air. The malls were not so crowded, everything was so ordinary. Maybe it was because for the past few Christmas Holidays there were so many things to get so busy about. In 2003, I was busy preparing for highschool class reunion and many weddings of friends. In 2004, everyone was so busy for my cousin's grand wedding. Maybe it was so odd that for the first time in years I don't even have a single wedding to attend to on a December. I thought that maybe it's a good time to go on a trip with my family.

Even last November, Hubby and I had been planning on a short vacation. Since Hong Kong was a budget-short away, we decided that if God will bless us financially on December we are gonna go to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna.

And we were truly blessed. On December 17, Hubby, my kids and I flew to Manila for our much-awaited trip. I was so excited since it will be the first major vacation for my family. It was even my kids' first airplane experience. It even filled me memories of my first vacation to Manila with my parents and siblings. Maybe it was so important for me to give that experience to my kids, I know that I will forever be grateful to my parents for giving us so many happy memories to remember especially that first trip to Manila when I was 4 or 5.

The Enchanted Kingdom experience was truly something to remember forever. Hubby and I were so exhausted but we were so fulfilled upon seeing the joy and excitement in our kids' faces. Every penny and effort was really worth it.

We spent the second day driving around and shopping for the kids. Our friends from Manila were so kind to show us around and accomodate us. We stayed in a small and cozy hotel that night and thank goodness the kids were able to sleep well.

The third day we had to fly home to Davao. I know that it was a vacation to remember but I could also say that it was so good to finally reach home and sleep in my own bed. Thank God for that wonderful vacation.

As I am blogging, the clock just struck 12 and it's Christmas Day! My kids had just finished opening their gifts because they couldn't wait any longer. As usual, I have also opened God's greatest gift to me as he always gives me on a Christmas Day... togetherness of my family.

Merry Xmas to everyone out there. I hope you're having a grand time as I am. Happy Holidays!
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