Monday, January 15, 2007

My New Baby

Meet the newest member of my family. She came into our lives last Jan. 8, a day after hubby's birthday. But she is actually Hubby's gift to me. She's a red Honda City 1998 Model. She's a second-hand since we can't actually buy a brand new car even if we worked 24/7, but anyway she's the biggest thing that we ever bought.

I think that all my dreams are slowly coming true, one at a time. God really knows the perfect timing and he's really been good to me all my life. Our next project is to buy our own home. Even if we are so complacent living in my parents' house, I know that someday we really have to move out and move in to our own place.

Finally, it has always been my dream to travel to places. I hope that in the future I would really be able to see my favorite countries. I'm really crossing my fingers right now although I'm not in a hurry. I guess I'll just have to be patient and God will definitely answer all my prayers. That's one lesson I've learn through the years.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yuletide 2006, New Year 2007 and Hubby's 29th Birthday

I feel like it's been ages since I last posted. I've been really super busy over the Yuletide season and in fact I think it was so far the busiest Christmas I've ever experienced. It wasn't only Christmas per se which kept me busy as a bee, I also helped organize 4 big events at work during December which actually prevented me from doing my Christmas shopping up to the 3rd week. But somehow I managed to finish my Christmas to-do-list just in time before Christmas Eve. Whew!

Anyway, on Christmas Eve we had dinner at my Aunt's house then we dropped by my in-laws at around 10pm and went back home just before the clock struck 12. I was so sad we missed the "simbang gabi" which we've been trying to keep as a tradition every Christmas eve but we still managed to have our traditional family pic taken by our Xmas tree, open our gifts at midnight and eat my favorite ham and queso de bola for noche buena.

On New Year's eve, we also missed one tradition we used to keep. We didnt have dinner at my Uncle's house like we used to since the 90's when my Grandpa was still around. My Uncle's Family had to spend their new year at Lupon so we just invited our Grandma to eat dinner at our place. I'm so happy that we got to hear mass after dinner which makes up for our absence during Xmas eve. When we got home before 12, it was already so noisy outside --- no firecrackers but our neighbors managed to be noisy enough by honking their cars and motorcycles, banging on cans and blowing on their torotots.

On New Year's Day. I felt especially nostalgic as I always do every beginning of the year. I felt sadder seeing that Mom already put away the Christmas tree and all the decors. I tried to cheer myself up by reminiscing on the memories of 2006. It was a happy year and I was hoping for a more fruitful year this 2007. I prayed hard for more blessings to come and of course I also had to thank God for all the wonderful things that came.

Today is Hubby's 29th birthday. When I woke up this morning, after I greeted him a happy birthday, I hugged him tight and silently thanked the Lord for the husband he is to me and father he is to my kids. I could not ask for anything else but for this kind of happiness to last my entire lifetime and even beyond.
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