Monday, December 29, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Tonight is my second night in Lupon, my hometown. I was not born here but this is where I spent the first 5 years of my life. Although I am not very familiar with everybody here, having to leave this place at a very early age, I just felt that somehow I owe it to my kids that they experience what I have felt like as a child back then in this simple old town. Everytime I visit, I can't help but get flashbacks.

Last night, I could hear from our room, my Dad telling stories to my two kids. I love how they laughed and giggled just listening to him. I could remember back then how he used to tell us stories, too. How he would awaken our imagination. How he would teach us songs, rhymes, riddles and games. Although hubby loves to play with the kids, I could not hide the fact that my Dad was really the best Dad to play with. He was so patient with us and so much fun and creative, too. He never fails to amaze us.

While I was trying to get Ethan to take his bath after playing outside the whole afternoon, I had to drag him and convince him that after the bath Dada (my dad) will tell them stories again tonight, then he complained "But he only knows one story!" My mom and I were laughing our heads off. Very true... when i came to think of it the only story I actually remember my Dad tell is "Jack and the Beanstalk"... but a different ending everytime!

But nevertheless, I love "Jack and the Beanstalk"... brings back good ol' memories of my childhood days. I'm sure my siblings Mae and Gino would completely agree.

Thanks Dad for bedtime stories... I mean Jack and the beanstalk stories!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Busy December Schedule

A very busy Christmas season indeed!

Dec. 3 - Pia's Shower Party at World Palace

Dec. 5- Sumifru Christmas Party at DavCon

Dec. 6 - Ryan And Pia's Wedding at Eden

Dec. 10- Marco Polo's Bookers Night at The Deck, MPolo

Dec. 11- Longlong and Agot's Wedding, Orange Grove

Dec. 13 - Carla's Birthday Party at Deca Homes

Dec. 14- Ligid Island with Yvette and friends

Dec. 15-17 - Kids' Third Grading Exam

Dec. 18- Kids' Class Christmas Party

Dec. 19 - VHT Christmas Party (Kris Kringle)

Dec. 20- 24 - Christmas Preparation (buying and giving of xmas presents for inaanaks, friends and family)

Dec. 25- Christmas Day

Dec. 26- Sharon and Jip's 5th Wedding Anniversary

Dec. 25- Jan. 2- Long Holiday Yehey!!!
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