Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been addicted to Pizza since only God knows when. The first pizza I tasted was I guess in Baguio back in the early eighties. It was just a plain cheese and ham pizza... just like the Mommy's pizza we all know. Eversince then, I've been craving for pizza and eating it at least several times a month.

Here are my top ten favorite Pizza Places (not necessarily in that order):

1. Merco - I will forever love their four seasons pizza (specifically the sardine part).

2. Zed's - the place is not so good nowadays though--- at least not the good old wholesome family place we used to know back in the 90's. But there just a few times I would phone in and order a take-out. Sicilian Pizza's my favorite.

3.Tower of Pizza - this pizza place closed down I think almost a decade ago. This has been my hang-out place with my cousin and college friends. They have two branches, one in Legazpi street above the Orange Brutus and another at U-Mall (now City Triangle). I don't remember the flavor we used to order there. But i still remember how i used to love it especially with ketchup on it and paired with a glass of ice cold coke.

4. Papa's Pizza - now called the Paparazzi... i love almost all their pizza flavors but i've always been fond of ordering the Sicilian flavor.

5. Picobello - I love their Margherita pizza. Their buy one take one promo was really a hit. Their place was always full during 2-5 especially on weekends.

6. Charlie's Diner - their pizza tastes almost just exactly like Picobello. Almost the same price too.

7. Coco's - Their 50% off promo really got my attention so hubby and officemates went to check out their pizza one Saturday night. I particularly liked the healthie vegie(not sure of the exact name) flavor. I didnt like the pepperoni flavor much.

8. Calle Cinco - I know that this is probably not known as a pizza parlor but a bar/ coffeeshop instead. I tried ordering their pizza one time and I was not disappointed. In fact I loved it... their sicilian pizza tasted like that of Zed's.

9. Basti's brew- known as a coffeeshop and not a pizza parlor, but they also serve great tasting pizza. It's a little expensive though considering the small servings.

10. Shakey's - I know that I've been trying to avoid oily commercialized pizza but I just couldnt stay away from Shakey's. Apart from loving some of their thin-crust pizza, I also love their mojos, chicken, spaghetti and chocolate supershake.

I have yet to try:

1. La Toscana

2. Cups and Lowercase

Any more suggestions?
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