Monday, April 12, 2010

Ethan Strikes Again!

Grandpa Dada: Ethan can I borrow your PSP?

Ethan: Nope.

Grandpa Dada: Why?

Ethan: You're too old.



Ethan: Mom, do you know that every girl in the universe is in love with Justin Bieber?

Me: I'm not ...

Ethan: YOUNG girls .... (toinks)


Me: Ethan, can you hand me over the tissue?

Ethan: Mom, you just have to give me compassion and understanding and I'll give you everything you want.

(Asa man ni niya napunitan?)


Ethan: Mom do you know that Tito Gino is destroying the Ozone Layer? He's using his aircon the whole day.

Me: ( a little speechless) Okay... do you know what Ozone Layer is?

Ethan: It's like an umbrella that protects the earth. (In his as a matter-of-fact tone of voice --- Laban?)


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