Friday, June 13, 2008

First Day of Classes

Anecdotes during the kids' first days of school:

On Cheska: It was lunchtime. I arrived the school just in time at 11:45. Cheska was already sitting by the waiting lounge. I saw that the blue house (the eating area) was already packed with kids eating their lunches. Oh No! Where will Cheska have her lunch? Since Cheska already brought all of her things with her I told her that we should bring it back to her classroom. She may have thought that she's only half-day, I guess she's still used to pre-school sked. When we came to her classroom, I saw that one mother was feeding her kid inside the room. I knew that it was not allowed but it's first day of classes so I think it was just excusable. So I started setting the lunch box on Cheska's desk and fed her. There was this little girl who sat just at the back. I was really amazed because she was eating all by herself. I asked her "Where's your mom? Are you gonna eat all by yourself?" and she replied that her mom could not come during lunchbreak. After awhile she asked me, "Why are you feeding her, can't she eat by herself yet?" She had this look of disbelief written on her face. I was actually embarrassed so I just told her "She can eat by herself but she could get messy and the teacher will get mad". When I thought of it, I really admired her parents for training her to be independent. But I just couldn't bear to think of my little girl being left all by herself during her adjustment period especially since she's now in a new school. But then again, I also knew that just like a mother bird to her offsprings, I must learn to let my kids spread their wings and fly. I'm just soooo not ready yet right now.

On Koojee:This is the funny part. Koojee's sked is: feed him at 10:30 (brunch), give him a bath at 11, leave for school at 11:40. His class starts at 1pm but I have to bring lunch to Cheska so we have to be at school early. He was already inside his classroom at 12:30. He must've gotten hungry already because before the bell rang, he was already asking for food. So I opened his baon and gave him one cookie. Another kid saw this so he announced to other kids "Hey, it's lunchtime!" and all of them opened their bags to eat their baons. I was like "No no no... it's not recess yet... only him, only him!" ... I'm not sure if they listened to me but anyway I just left the room in a hurry and just told myself "Uh-oh! Blooper!"

During the 4 days I was on leave to take care of my kids and help them get through their first week of classes, I was very exhausted. I had low back pain, my feet hurt, I was so stressed out. I actually had 2 consecutive sessions of massage to relieve myself. I was so tired but my body was always on the go. Even if I took naps when the kids were at school, I still could not fully relax. This is probably the most tiring week of the year. But even if I go on whining and complaining, I could never hide the fact that I am so fulfilled. I even told some friends that: at work I get stressed out for other people ... but as a full-time mom, I get stressed out for my family and that is actually the best kind of stress in the world.

Monday, June 09, 2008

While the Kids were Away

My mom took the kids to Lupon for their last vacation before school starts. They stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights.

So while the kids were away, the parents took a night out.

Went to the movies. Watched "What Happens in Vegas". I really enjoyed the movie.

Wanted to have coffee at Kangaroo to check out the new place but it was very crowded.

So ended up in Yellow Hauz... an equally good coffee shop.

Yello Hauz is very cozy and homey.

Hubby ordered brewed coffee and blueberry cheesecake

I had Latte On the Rocks (monotonous!) and Brownies. Guess what? I finally found a latte that would top off Blugre's. Totally loved it!

This is really fun! It's been a while since we last went out, just the two of us...

...but I really miss the kids.

Cheska's Gift for my 32nd Birthday

The story behind the gift first...

June 9, the day before my big day, Cheska was busy looking for paper and pencil. All I thought was that she was just going to sketch since she really loves to draw a lot. While Hubby and I were eating breakfast, she kept on asking us what's the letter for this sound and that sound. As I've mentioned before, she's not very good with spelling yet. I did not have an inkling on what she was cooking up.

When I finished taking a bath and rummaged through my closet, I noticed a folded paper under one of my shirts. As I was unfolding it, a feeling of excitement crept through me. My daughter made a birthday card for me! The first ever! I think she meant for me to find it on my birthday. On the outer portion, I could not read the words she wrote. But inside it goes: " i Lav Yu Mama". I was so touched! Then she made a calendar below the words and she encircled "10" which I guess stands for my birthdate, "18" which is for her birthdate and "21" which is Koojee's. Sorry Hubby I guess she doesn't know your number yet.

The best birthday present I got this year! Thanks Cheska, you made my heart soar in such a special way.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ironies in Life

1. A closet full of clothes and yet " I dont have anything to wear!"

2. Searching in vain for something and it just shows up when you least expect it to.

3. It rains when you have planned out a beach outing or an outdoor party.

4. No taxi when you're rushing off to some place.

5. Bad internet connection when you're so eager to POST!
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