Monday, January 24, 2005

Cheska and Koojee's Favorite Things

Cheska's Fetish
  • SHOES and SANDALS with floral designs. i think we bought atleast 5 pairs already. her favorite is the one with platform heels. even if she trips wearing it she doesn't care because she feels like a princess.
  • PURSES "mommy, i want my purse to be loaded with stuff" she gets irritated everytime she finds her purse empty.... sigh.
  • DOLLS... she started adoring dolls as young as two years old. her first doll was named "Inday" because back then she couldn't pronounce "doll" she ends up calling it "day" and eventually it became Inday. Her grandmommy gave her a new doll but she insists on still calling her Inday. She feeds her, dresses her, carries her around, she even had a toy baby carriage bought for her. I even overheard her saying "Inday, you should eat a lot so you would grow fast... just like me"
  • "twinkle, twinkle little star..." her favorite song. she sang it in videoke last new year's eve and scored 90!
  • new favorite shows: baby einstein, winnie-the-pooh adventures, teletubbies, tom and jerry
  • favorite food: hotdog, fish, french fries, popcorn, fried chicken, pomelo and durian
  • favorite clothes: ones which are flashy and glamourous --- she loves being the center of the attention. she also likes haltered top, sleeveless and spaghetti straps to match with her bootleg maong pants.
  • favorite expression: "my god" and "my goodness!"
  • favorite color and shape: red and circle
Koojee's Faves
  • toys - he loves any kind of toy. he has no particular favorite.
  • tv shows- i think he took after his dad's addiction to tv. he loves watching boxing and basketball and adores cartoon shows like winnie-the-pooh (he calls him "My Pooh"---funny but sometimes we both like to pretend that i'm christopher robin and he's pooh), barney and teletubbies and doesn't mind watching them over and over again.
  • food- the only food i know which he totally loves are sweet ripe mangoes. he's not very fond of eating but his weight is above normal range. at one point i got worried because i thought that he just eats for the sake of eating.
  • favorite color : has an inclination towards blue and green
  • favorite person in the whole world ... MOMMY!
This June, Cheska's going to school, next year it will be Koojee's turn. Then they'll be graduating pre-school then gradeschool, then high school... my my! they sure are growing very fast! But wherever the winds would blow us, one thing is for sure: I want to spend the rest of my life watching both of them grow. As the pooh song goes Forever and ever is a very long time, pooh. But forever isn't long at all when I'm with you.

Christmas Eve 2004 Posted by Hello

Monday, January 17, 2005

A Brand New Year

Before I go on with my hopes and promises for 2005, let me first recount how I spent my Christmas holidays. I could really say that it was one of the best christmases ever. I was both materially and spiritually blessed. I got to spend a long vacation with my family that it actually saddened me when I had to go back to work on January.

All of my December weekends were fully-booked with events. All I could say that it was an awesome christmas. Togetherness of my whole family was a major factor, then there's reunion with old friends, the wedding of my bestfriend, and there's also the excitement and fun during Christmas eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. The Pearl farm experience which happened on the second day of the year was really tiresome because hubby and I had to take care of the kids ourselves. But it was one of the best get-aways. It was really bonding time for my family and of course with my closest relatives as well. That was also the day I realized that time spent with my kids is really priceless.

For the year 2005, I didn't make my yearly new year's resolution list because most of time I end up not keeping it. But hopefully, this year I'll try to be a better person--- a better wife and mother. I made so many plans for my family and I do hope that at the end of the year I will be able to accomplish most of it-- if not all of it.

Dear God, please make 2005 a brighter and happier year for my family. Continue to bless us as you have always did in the past years.
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