Monday, July 31, 2006

Ice Cream, Pizza and whatnot

It feels like this cough is lasting forever. It started June or even before that, all I remember is that I celebrated my birthday with a terrible cough. I think it somehow subsided and after a few weeks, and it's back again. My kids also are suffering the same ordeal, it's like the virus is just jumping from one body to another. I hate it. I told my kids once we become well, I will really treat them out to an ice cream parlor and pig out. I miss ice cream, I miss chocolates ... I miss everything contraindicated to cough.

Last night we had an unfortunate but funny experience when we trying to make our own pizza. Sister and I had all the ingredients prepared like we were just on a cooking show. Pizza dough, pizza sauce (Delmonte Sweet style), grated cheese, a slice of ham (cut into small bits), 3 strips of bacon (also cut into bits), chopped onion, Italian seasoning, red bell pepper (cut into squares). After I finished putting all the toppings, the part I hate the most .... preheating the oven. Actually, sis already lit it while we were preparing the toppings. But when she checked again, it wasn't preheated yet the flame probably died out but it sure smelled funny. But I was a bit nervous because I sort of have a phobia on gas stoves. I always feared it may explode or burn me or something. Well anyway, Sis still tried to turned it on when--- Bang! The oven made a big exploding sound. I was shocked. Sis was even more shocked. But nothing happened to her. We don't know what went wrong but we sure are thankful nothing bad happened to Sis. Even my kids were shook up. The oven was still in place but the metal plates on top were already dislocated. It sure was one big popping sound.

Anyway, we had to bake our pizza in our microwave and it was yummy but not as good because the dough was not crunchy. It was indeed some kind of a night because it didn't end there. Cheska dropped her glass and it was shattered to pieces. We had to spend the rest of the night sweeping and picking up the broken pieces. Tsk Tsk... what a night, indeed!
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