Monday, September 17, 2007

Unforgettable Filipino Movies

I'm a big fan of American Movies but I must admit that there are a few Tagalog Movies that I truly love and are a big part of growing years.

I think I've been watching films as early as 5 years old. My cousins and I would hang out at my Aunt's Cinema in Lupon. I don't exactly remember the films we saw there but I could still remember how we would occupy one row of the cinema and how we would all watch for free. My first memory of watching a movie I truly loved is that of Sharon Cuneta's. My Auntie Malia was a big fan and we would normally tag along with her when she goes to the movies. Here's a list of the Tagalog films which I wouldn't mind watching even a hundred times:

P.S. I Love You - Sharon Cuneta & Gabby Concepcion. Remember the scene when Gabby drives the car while holding up a letter and places it at the corner of the gate? Or the scene where Sharon and Gabby runs towards each other and hugging at the end.

My Only Love- Sharon & Gabby. Loved the plot, loved the engraved bracelet, loved the ending. Unforgettable scene is when Gabby supposedly boarded the plane and Sharon was trying to catch up. When the plane left, Gabby stands there. He didnt actually went inside the plane. And so they reunite. I remember feeling so kilig --- at the tender age of six or seven.

To Love Again - Sharon Cuneta & Miguel Rodriguez. Loved the story, start to end! Miguel was just soooo handsome and the original soundtrack was just so romantic. It would definitely make you want to fall inlove. So many cute scenes that I truly love. I should really find a dvd copy of this film.

Bagets- All Star Cast. Although the plot was not so great, this film actually brings good memories of the 80's. The actors, the clothes, the hair --- so baduy yet so memorable. Couldn't deny that the soundtrack was actually good (Growing Up, Farewell, etc.).

Hihintayin Kita sa Langit-Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez. The tagalog version of Wuthering Heights. I watched this movie during highschool, the time when I was so dreamy, romantic and love struck. I was actually swept off my feet by this movie.

May Minamahal - this 90's film also brings back good memories of college days. I really couldn't point what is it in the movie that made me watch it over and over again. I'm not really that big fan of Aiko's nor Aga's but I truly loved the dialogues, the comic relief (thanks to Ogie Diaz and John Estrada), even I was impressed by the contravidas played by Agot Isidro, Nikka Valencia and Claudine Barretto. The soundtrack was nice, too (Friend of Mine, Don't know what to say, Don't what to do).

Radio Romance - All Star Cast. It is actually a story of a lot of interrelated interesting characters in the movie: 1. Claudine-Rico 2. John Estrada-Charmaigne Arnaiz-Robin Da Rosa 3. Gelli de Belen-Paolo Abrera. Still unexplainable why I love this film. All I remember was I memorized their dialogues. Maybe I also enjoyed the comedy in most of the parts. I was also impressed by the soundtrack and the quotes. Unforgettable quote by Robin Da Rosa: "Immature love says: I love you because I need you. Mature love says: I need you because I love you"

Pagdating ng Panahon - Aiko Melendez and Eric Quizon. I know why I love this movie. At the time I watched this I was so eager to settle down. This film actually depicted the pros and cons of living in. Aiko and Eric really played their roles so well I could actually empathize. Unforgettable funny scene: Aiko and Eric went to the grocery with Aiko's mom (Gina Pareno). When they were at the counter and bill already reflected in the cash register, Aiko and Eric divided the bill into half (up to the last cent) Aiko's dialogue was "I owe you 50 cents ha". Her mother's jaw almost dropped.

Ngayong Andito Ka- Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales. Story was good. I was especially impressed by Kristine's classy wardrobe at the later part of the story. She was very Audrey Hepburn-like.

All My Life- Kristine Hermosa and Aga Muhlach. The plot is great, cinematography is impressive (imagine being brought to beautiful parts of Asia), Kristine's wardrobe was also classic. Even if the story is a bit poignant towards the end, I wouldn't mind watching this film over and over again.

You are the One- Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby. I was impressed because this movie actually made me laugh. I totally love Toni in romantic comedies. She's not very pretty for me but when I saw this movie, I became her instant fan. I could still remember her funny dance with Gio Alvarez to the tune of "Uwian na, uwian na".

These are my ultimate Tagalog Movie favorites. I truly salute the creators of these films plus of course the actors and just about everyone involved in the making of the movies and soundtracks. Mabuhay Kayo!


Blogger Nina Lumberio said...

I like Sharon Cuneta when I was a kid. I like her movies when she was a teenager :)

11:48 PM  
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